Opposition groups at the Revitalization Forum in Addis Ababa have introduced a fresh demand for the resignation of the president as one of their conditions for a power-sharing arrangement.

The nine groups announced the demand to journalists, and it remains unclear whether this proposal will be presented to the IGAD mediators.

Meanwhile, delegates are right now in a plenary session discussing the power-sharing proposal that was presented by the IGAD mediators.

The IGAD proposal suggests the government takes 50% of the transitional government, while the other opposition groups would have 49%. There would be a President with four Vice Presidents overseeing clusters concerning Governance, the Economy, Infrastructure and one Vice President overseeing the Human Development and Social services cluster.

The Transitional National Legislative Assembly would be restructured and reconstituted to a house of 400 members including members from the 2010 southern Sudan, two former detainees while the balance of the members shall comprise of the incumbent representing – 55% and the opposition taking 45%.

The committee has also recommended for establishment of the security sector. The proposal is subject to amendment, changes, acceptance, and rejection.