Let’s face it: Everyone has something they don’t like about themselves. Whether it’s a body part, a recurring pimple, or even an uncontrollable laugh, we all have that one major insecurity we just can’t shake but South Sudanese supermodel Adau Mouryang has embraced her facial scar despites being in the industry that sells beauty – Modelling Industry.

While speaking to teenvogue she reveals how she got the scar.

“I was three years old and my mom was cooking and left me next to a pot for like five seconds. Somehow I got close to it and started playing with the fire and then the little sparks started flying everywhere and went on my mouth”, she narrates.

She last year tried to do a surgery to remove the scar that his on her upper lip.
“ I spent almost the whole year trying to find the right doctor. I flew to see one doctor who saw it and said he couldn’t do anything. He contacted five other surgeons but none of them could help either. They were like, this scar is 18 years old, surgery or lasers will just make it worse. There was no point. It’s not that big and it doesn’t bother me at all”, she said.

The 24-year-old model advice young girls dealing with things they feel insecure about, urging them love themselves and be strong.

“People are going to bully you throughout life no matter what — that’s life. People will have opinions and always dislike something about you. You have to love yourself first because if someone doesn’t like something about you, and you don’t like it yourself, that’s going to knock you out”, she said.