The Warrap State Anti-Good Governance negatively talks about the administration of H.E. Manhiem Bol, the Governor of Warrap State despite his historical achievements

In August 2023, Governor Manhiem Bol officially visited Twic Mayardit’s areas of Aweng, Madyar, Majong-noon and the deep forest of Toch-achel to asses the scene of the crimes related to massacre by armed groups from the Abyei Administrative Area and Nyang/Abii-Nuer Payam.

Upon his arrival to the affected areas of Twic and Abyei, marked the the first visit to those remote areas by the sitting Governor particularly to Toch-achel, the large area inhabited by both Jieng Twic-Kuac under Warrap State and Nyang/Abii-Nuer Payam under Unity State.

In addition, Governor Manhiem offered some food items like maize flour, rice, and sugar before proceeding to Ajak Kuac. Demonstrating signs of gratitude, the local communities appreciate His Excellency Governor Manhiem for his historical achievements.

Nonetheless, the groups of anti-good governance are endangering the reputation of good governors for their political survival on social media. They are just busy posting dangerous propaganda against Governor Manhiem Bol. I swear by God, some critics and saboteurs will never see heaven because of their war against Governor Manhiem Bol. Believe me or not, we shall see!