Achol Salva a daughter to the former Minister of Interior Salva Mathok,  is one internet troll who finds fun in causing internet drama. Recently she was embroiled with Mur Nyan Jieng singer, Atorry.

Over the past days, Achol rhetorically mock former Miss South Sudan 2009, Aheu Deng Kudum on social media by posting a photo of  Aheu with socialite Chuchu, who we heard is married to Achol’s brother.
The photo captioned, “Chuchu ur better than this.” prompted Aheu to reply to the diss.

Aheu took it cool by sharing the photo on her timeline with a “lol” caption.

It’s alleged that Aheu and Achol Salva beef started when Aheu commented on Achol’s comment on Valentino’s post.

Achol Salva