A 17-year-old boy in Yambio has invented a grinding mill for grinding cassava.Inventor William Daru said the grinding mill uses an alloy steel bleeds which was beaten out of a metal and uses plastic as a tooth claw instead of movable motor.

It also uses water as fuel and solar power for adjusting the screen of a mesh and the size of the powder.

“This grinding mill uses water and power from the solar. When you put it on, it grinds the cassava flour downward and if you want it to grinds large quantity of cassava.”

 The underage said he first made a plane that successfully took off before creating the grinding mill.

“I first invented the plan. When I made it, it took off for good. I started to plan about what to invent again and I invented the grinding mill.”

 Innovator William, displayed his technology to the public in Yambio town, Gbudwe State on Tuesday

via Eye Radio