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Reason why Junubin men love Bamia soup

Achan Tonny- 01/12/2019

Okra has been known as a medicinal vegetable. It is a tall-growing plant that traces its origin to Africa. Particularly, Okra has been known for ... Read More

Short Junubin are angrier, more violent than tall Junubin, new report shows

Achan Tonny- 18/11/2019

A new study has found that people that are shorter tend to be angrier and more violent than people that are tall. A study by ... Read More

Mistakes Junubin ladies are making in maintaining natural hair

Achan Tonny- 21/09/2019

Weaves have become so common that most Junubin women are forgetting how to manage their natural hair. When they are not forgetting their natural hair, ... Read More

Silver X challenges Junubin musicians to make 10 songs in 10 Days

Achan Tonny- 05/08/2019

Silver X's just got back to the country and he is already making waves. He wants to reclaim his lost throne after staying in Uganda ... Read More

Two Junubin Marial Shayok & Manute Bol’s son, Bol Bol drafted into NBA

Achan Tonny- 21/06/2019

Two South Sudanese have been drafted into NBA. The late Manute Bol's son Bol Bol and Marial Shayok were drafted on Thursday during NBA draft. ... Read More

Social media buzz as Junubin scrum to watch ‘trending South Sudanese xtape’

Achan Tonny- 06/02/2019

If you have logged into social media, then you probably have come across people asking to watch a video and nu-des trending among Junubin on ... Read More

Department of Immigration and Passport of South Sudan is failing to deliver services to Junubin

Achan Tonny- 10/11/2018

Author: Atem ( South Sudan is on its way to recovery after the peace signed by the warring parties who have accepted to settle their ... Read More

10 characteristics of Junubin men that South Sudanese women hate most

Achan Tonny- 12/10/2018

1. Lack of communication skills. 2. Lack of sense of humor. 3. Not keeping promises. 4. Too much talking politics, especially useless SS politics. 5. ... Read More

Kenyan leaks South Sudanese girl nudës, calls Junubin girls disgusting (Photos)

Achan Tonny- 25/09/2018

A Kenyan has leaked nudës of unidentified South Sudanese girl on social media. Simon Mwangi, who stays in Eldoret according to his social media profile ... Read More

Junubin chiefs to review high bride price

Achan Tonny- 09/08/2018

In all of South Sudan’s customary law codes, marriage involves the payment of a bride price by a man and his family to the woman’s ... Read More

Junubin complain of MTN’s poor services, accuse it of theft

Dexxx- 24/05/2018

South Sudanese on social media are reporting poor services of MTN networks since the government shut down Vivacell Telecommunication company. Several MTN mobile subscribers have ... Read More

20 possible Junubin who are likely to become the next South Sudan President 

Dexxx- 29/03/2018

A controversial Anonymous social media account, Deng Freeman has named his list of the possible South Sudanese who are likely to be the next president ... Read More

Junubin in Kampala urge Kiir and Machar to step aside

Dexxx- 16/11/2017

South Sudanese living in Uganda called on both rebel leader Riek Machar and President Salva Kiir to step aside from the top leadership in the ... Read More

First South Sudanese gay, Mach says Junubin are uneducated.

Dexxx- 22/09/2017

The first South Sudanese gay, Mach Nhial seems to be looking for trouble from South Sudanese in general after he posted a damning status on ... Read More

Most Junubin musicians did not finish primary school, DJ Bossmaan MG claims

Dexxx- 31/08/2017

Popular Australian-based South Sudanese DJ, Mangar Chuot best known to music fans as DJ Bossmaan MG has fired shots at his colleagues in entertainment industry, ... Read More