Juba International Airport was named last year as the worst Airport in the world and the second worst in Africa by a survey done by sleepinginairports.

And indeed with this photos it a sure thing Juba International Airport deserves the award for the worst Airport in Africa.

Juba International Airport is  Departure terminus is characterised by a tiny, single-terminal made of a makeshift tent which is ill-equipped to handle a number of passengers that travel through it. Intermittent power outages, lack of air-conditioning and swarms of people packed into the tiny terminal led one reviewer to describe the airport as a “mosh pit sauna”. The seats are faulty so, mind how you sit on them, The floor board is messed up so mind your steps.
Tents have been set up as makeshift terminals to process departures, arrivals, and baggage claim, leaving passengers exposed to direct sunlight, heat and the elements. Dress accordingly, bring bottled water, and hope for the best!

Check this photos out.