Arabi Mafi hit maker, Aboy Chagai simply known to fans as Aboy has promised to avenge his long-time friend and fellow musician, Emma 47 who was killed yesterday in Juba-Nimule road ambush.

Aboy took to social media and wrote that he has had enough of the killings along the major roads by Riek Machar’s rebels under command of notorious Martin Kenyi and Gen. Elias Lino Jada who command Greater Equatoria region.

“I promise Emma will not just die like that.. everything you do outside…we will be doing it inside. someone equal to Emma will be down from your side…till mothaf***** get done. F*** all behind this,”Aboy wrote on social media.

“…I can’t handle this ,,, its too much now, they hate for nothing then we will kill them for nothing too,” He added.

Emma 47 is the second musician to died from Juba-Nimule road ambush, two years ago a member of Coozoz Clan, Lil Jay was killed also on the same ill-fated road.

Since 2013 when fighting erupted in Juba, there has been a lot of targeted killings along the major highways in greater Central Equatoria Region. The government has tried armed escort but that hasn’t stopped the road ambushes from happening.