In the early years of South Sudanese urban music names like Queen Zee, Hallamo Depari, Mary Boyoi, Hadia Badi used to spur lots of enthusiasm to South Sudanese since these songbirds pelted hits that kept the airwaves busy.

The competition they bore was immense and fruitful in such a way that rating who was better wasn’t the question but rather who was releasing another hit soon. Thanks to that, the fans used to get the value of their money when it comes to gigs and airplays.

Years went by and with it came new entrants in the game. The likes of Rebecca Trey, Trisha C, were born and took up the mantle from the predecessors with zeal. The same can’t be said of now while we have a number of new artists in the game sieving through for secular feminine artists can be a tedious endeavor.

Below are the South Sudanese new divas taking the industry by storm.

Rebecca Trey

Rebecca is a 2012 Talent Search finalist who after the program couldn’t give up music but went on to produce hits. Sources tell HIJ that she is still pursuing her Education in one of the universities in Uganda.

Sheenjo who prefers being called the South Sudanese dancehall queen is signed to Silver X’s Holyland Empire. She gained popularity after releasing music video for her song “Sambala” last year. Sources say she is now back in studio to record more hits.
Trisha C

Hillu Beatrice popularly known as Trisha C is currently riding high with her charity song “girl child education”, she returned to Juba last year after completing her high school studies in Kampala. Her first song “Asbhur” which tells young girls to focus on education before marriage was a major hit on radio stations in Juba. She recently shot a music video for “girl child education”, the video is due for release this month.
Neetah Baby

Although she was embroiled in relationship controversies for the better part of 2015, Neetah proved to be a real South Sudanese diva. She went on. Dramas couldn’t stop her. After releasing her song “Ana Ma Wewe” in 2014, the song became an instant hit across the country. The song enjoyed massive airplays and topped the charts on major radio stations in Juba. Neetah is always fans’ favorite when it comes to shaking the booty. When she put her behind to work she leaves men salivating for more.

Known for her x-rated lyrics, Madonitta shot to fame in 2014 after releasing “Mishkila Wen”, a song that later became an anthem for majority of “Juba city girls”. Madonitta lyrics are always sexually explicit which makes her songs controversial.
Princess Golda

Princess Golda is one of the finest South Sudanese vocalists. She was featured in Jack Pro’s hit song “Muhaba” and she murdered the song. More recently she recorded backup vocals for Silver X’s “Jubbe Karabu” hit.

Mirrabella is a newcomer who was unveiled last year by Juba Promoters. She had her first ever public performance at Kilkilu Ana Comedy Extra. She is a journalist by profession and currently working with The National Daily newspaper.