Unknown armed person opened fire in a bar at Hai-Mauna residential area on Sunday killing this week at his bar.

According to Grace Warun, a landlord and as well one of the eyewitnesses, the incident occurred at 10:30 pm local time.

“We heard him cry help, help thief! Thief!But when we rushed to the seen, we only found him struggling on the ground while blood was gushing from his body,” Warun  explained.

She added that before the victim had died, he told her[Warun] that the attacker had attempted to rob the pub but met resistance from the people sitting around the place.

The landowner continued that all the customers in the bar fled off when the unknown gunman started shooting at the bar indiscriminately.

Warun said the deceased has been renting her place for quite a long and he never had a beef with anyone.

Police have detained several people present at the time of the incident for further investigations, Warun added.

The concerned police official at Mauna police station has confirmed the incident but declined to comment on the issue.

Hai-Mauna area within this month has witnessed two separate incidents of the similar unknown gunmen attacks.

Recently, the same area came under attack by an attacker who detonated a hand grenade in a restaurant injuring five people on spot with one death later at the hospital.

via Juba Monitor