As rampant killings are the order the day across South Sudan and even worse in Juba City, the seat of government, South Sudanese youth who are studying or refugees in Uganda’s capital Kampala and busy practicing what they are known for: VIOLENCE!

On Friday night there was a big-ass brawl at “South Sudanese Night” in Kampala involving drunk youth.

HIJ reporter who was at the event said the night was chaotic that Ugandan riot police had to be called in to diffuse the situation.

“It was crazy, the stools at the bar were flying. You couldn’t tell who was fighting who and for what reason,” said HIJ’s blogger JM.

The situation was even more confusing because the club had no security people who are traditionally tasked with taking care of any incidences of disturbance.

Our reporter says, the club had to be closed and all Junubin asked to leave by Ugandan policemen who were called in.

“There was a near stampede. The club’s exit was only one and everybody rushed for that one exit as “fighters” were busy throwing seats and stools indiscriminately,” said JM.

We sought a comment from a Ugandan bar manager who told us that the club incurred loses due to the fight. He said the bottles and wine glasses were broken. He said the club’s management is considering a decision to discontinue South Sudanese Night.

South Sudanese Night is a weekly music event organised every Friday by “Wande” singer Deng Mtoto and a handful of other Kampala based Junubin singers. Deng Mtoto was however not at the show on Friday.