Former Miss Grand South Sudan and current Miss STA Uganda says she was denied service by the staff at South Sudanese embassy in Uganda this week for being light skin.

The model Akan William who is studying at a university in Kampala protested how she was allegedly treated by the embassy staff who refused to give her a “university approval letter” simply because she was too brown to be South Sudanese.

She said the officials refused to attend to her even after she showed them her passport which clearly shows she is South Sudanese.

The model who happens to be a daughter of the governor of Fashoda State, William Othwon said she had to call her dad in Juba to intervene in the incident before she was given the approval letter by the embassy.

The model made it clear though, that she isn’t a BLEACH but just naturally light skinned. That’s if you were thinking of branding her a BLEACH