When Mijok De Lang popularly known to fans as Hot Dogg released “Tuk De Ming” music video late last month it became the talk of Junubin social media. The video got over 5000 shares and 5k+ hits on YouTube on the first week of release.

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The cultural themed music video prompted Australian based Junubin vloggers dubbed “From the sisters’ perspective” to start “Tuk De Ming” challenge which was widely shared on social media and instantly made scores of Junubin to participate in the challenge by uploading videos dancing to Hot Dogg and Akum’s song “Tuk De Ming”.

The latest to do the challenge is the South Sudan’s first transgender Layla Kingston. Her Live Facebook video was shared to her 10,000 followers on social media.

Check out Layla Kingston do the challenge

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Have a “Tuk De Ming” day.