It looks like lyricist Asif and his long time girlfriend Iratu John have broken up. This is evident on Iratu’s Facebook. The former Talent Search contestant has been sharing pictures of a Kenyan lad named Karanja Smuzz on her FB. In some pics the two are seen getting little bit cozy with each other.

Source tells HIJ, Iratu studies in the same university with Karanja Smuzz whose name “Smuzz” is now Iratu’s second name of Facebook.

“They started dating after things got tough back home and Asif wasn’t doing anything anymore. I guess that why she fall for the Kenyan guy,” a close Source told HIJ.

Iratu John who is pursuing her studies in Kampala won the second place in the finals of TSS3 sponsored by South Sudan Artists Association and Vivacell.

 Iritu drinking with Smuzz