There has been a lot of news of death and violence coming from Yei. However, this latest revelation by the State’s health Minister is a clear indication that all bad things love Yei town.

The Minister Kogo Manasseh said 50% of women in Yei River state are HIV/AIDS positive, which is definitely a bad news for horny travellers.

Kogo Manasseh was quoted saying girls in primary and secondary schools in Yei have the greatest record of the virus. He was speaking on the last day of HIV/AIDS testing at the Freedom Square in Yei.

“You young girls should avoid visiting boys at night. You have to change your attitude of engaging in a relationship than messing around”, he advised.

The Minister appealed to the infected to “Stop spreading the virus to those not infected”.

He concluded by urging citizens to join efforts to end negative attitudes and say no to stigma to reduce the spread of the virus.