Ladies are finally getting the drift of the fact that sex doesn’t have to be all about emotions!
Sometimes sex can be just for fun. But the thing about casual sex is that it happens when you least expect it. You walk into a club thinking you will just knock back one or two drinks then be on your way home, but then cross paths with a chiselled, smoking hot David Beckham look-alike and of course you are going home with him!
Always be prepared! Even if there isn’t even the slightest chance that you will be getting laid in the near future, you should always have a few essentials in your handbag in case of an unexpected sleepover. I have highlighted a few below.
Comfortable flat shoes
The last thing you need after an all-night drunken romp is to be seen making the walk of shame to your apartment at 6am in your uncomfortable six-inch stilettoes and hungover.
Save yourself the anguish by stuffing a pair of those nice foldable ballet flats in your tote bag before you hit the club. Your feet will thank you for it. The walk of shame will be a breeze.
A majority of women assume that it is the man’s responsibility to provide protection because he is the one putting it on. It is not!
Men don’t like using protection because, apparently, protected sex is not as ‘sweet’ as raw sex and one of the most common excuses they give when they want to hit it raw is ‘I don’t have any.’
Surprise him by pulling a packet out of your bag. He will have no choice but to glove up! This is very important. No love with no glove.
You are responsible for your own sexual health.
Decent clothes
Chances are that whatever you will be wearing to a girls’ night-out will look odd on the bus on your way home in the morning. The other commuters won’t be as impressed with your see-through shirt as the guys in the club were.
When you are doing the walk of shame, the last thing you want is to attract attention to yourself. Don’t make it too obvious that you never made it home after you left the club.
So, be on the safe side and carry a decent-looking top which you can throw on over your risqué shirt.
A razor
We have all been in a situation where we unexpectedly meet up with a guy that you desperately want to bang, but the only problem is that you have three weeks worth of stubble on your legs. Not sexy!
Always carry a razor in your handbag and when that time comes, you can just excuse yourself to the bathroom for a few minutes and clean up.
Breath mints
You should prepare yourself for the unbecoming bad breath in the morning. Don’t spend the night at a guy’s place hoping he has some mouthwash in his bathroom. Carry some breath mints in your handbag so that you don’t have to walk around with dragon breath in the morning.