South Sudanese social media is unique in a way. Our social media topics of discussions are mainly on politics. Although most topics are based on the current war in the country and tribal hate speech some few South Sudanese internet enthusiasts who share inspirational photos of this great nation.

Hot in Juba has introduced a monthly photo segment where 5 – 10 hilarious and inspirational photos doing rounds on South Sudanese social media will be published. This month we start with 5 pics.

1. Like a boss!

Whatever these kids were discussing, this picture is just priceless. It has been shared widely on FB. The source of this image is not know but according to the background, it was probably taken in Juba.

Kids talk

2. Luol Deng

South Sudanese NBA star Luol proudly shared this image during the first NBA first match in Africa on August 1 in South Africa. The photo has been widely reposted by Junubin on FB.


3. Rebecca Nyandeng crying

Rebecca Nyandeng, the wife of South Sudanese founding father late Dr. John Garang was pictured crying at the peace talks venue in Addis Ababa yesterday. This picture courtesy of Kenya’s presidency has been widely reposted by Junubin on FB.


4. Luol Deng

This is another pic Miami Heat star Luol Deng shared with his FB fans. Luol headed team Africa against team world.

Luol Deng

5. Little girls at Independence Day commemoration

This adorable pic of two little girls wearing traditional attires has been everyone favorite on FB. The source of the pic is not known.