He can be counted among the fastest rising artistes who have revolutionized the South Sudan music giving it a sense and touch of modernity.

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John Frog, as he is known on social media became a social media sensation after the release of his single, Goundo Sakit which became a hit and propelled him to stardom

According to sources close to Mr. Frog, the musician is working on a new slogan song tittled ‘ Achan Tani.’

Tho’ Frog keep a low profile, keeping his social private away from the public eyes. we have 5 things about him you should know.

And as such, here are 5 things you need to know about the Guondo Sakit music sensation, John Frog.

  1. John Frog hails from Twic State, Turalei County where he grew up, before moving to Juba in 2012. He recently graduated from High School.
  2. He grew in entirely in South Sudan. Only to see city and skyscrapers recently when he went to Kampala, Uganda.
  3. He got his name Frog from his real name Aguek which literally mean Frog.
  4. He’s an SPLA soldier. A military police. He quit the army to pursue music as a career.
  5. He’s a brother of renown journalist, Mariak Michael
  6. He’s ranked among the top 5 ugliest South Sudanese musicians.
  7. He barely speaks English.