Anyone who is serious about their own health should use different ways to keep their bodies fit. Walking is one of the simplest and effective ways we should all employ in our daily routine.

It is beneficial to our bodies across all ages because it helps keep our bodies fit and can prolong one’s life as well as keep you away from certain diseases.

These benefits are;

1. Improves your lung health

Walking has a great impact on the health of your lungs. This is because it improves breathe which cause oxygen to travel faster through your bloodstream. This gets rid of any waste products from your bloodstream improving lung functions.

2. Boosts your energy

Walking increases oxygen flow throughout your body and this increases levels of hormones such as cortisol, epinephrine and norepinephrine which increase body energy.

3. Eases joint pains

Walking subjects your joints to activity hence lubricating them as well as strengthening their muscles. Waking can also be a way of reducing joint pain to those people suffering from arthritis.

4. Improves your heart health and lowers blood pressure

Walking plays an important role in keeping your heart fit as well as reducing your blood sugar levels. This is because your body produces heat as a result of the walking which reduces the accumulation of fats along your blood vessels thus easing the blood flow throughout your body.

5. Burns calories

Walking will help you burn calories thus helping in maintaining or even losing some weight. However, your calories burned will depend on; your walking speed, the distance you will cover and the terrain you choose.