By Deng Freeman

1.Unlike modern African men, traditional African men love their wives but from afar.

This is particularly important because a husband and wife shouldn’t be behaving like buddies after marriage because they are not—They both have titles and responsibilities to fulfill. After all, husbands become figureheads that must be revered like a father regardless of age.
2. Traditional African men are very good at portraying vague personalities and keeping their emotions hidden so as to avoid being read like an open book by their children and wives.

This is contrary to modern African men who spend so much time around their wives that they tend to be perceived like one of the boys in the house and then they would be wondering why aren’t they getting the respect they deserve?
3. Traditional African men avoid complimenting their wives’ beauty in public or in private.

In doing so, the traditional African man keeps his wife judging his love for her by his action, not his words. Traditional African men know quite well that words are cheap.
4. Traditional African men don’t share a bedroom with their wives.

A man summons his wife whenever he needs her company. This keeps the relationship between husband and wife “professional” so-to-speak.

5. Traditional African men also show love when the pay 100% of all that he owns as dowry on a woman he so loves.

I guess there’s no more show of love than that, is it?
Traditional African man treats his wife like real woman–They don’t feed them nasty birth control pills so as to escape the responsibility of being a father, they welcome new addition to their household with pride. Furthermore, a traditional African man doesn’t send his beloved wife off to work in a corporate office where she would be bossed around all day by another man.