Finally, Junubin men have spoken out and their side of the story will shock you:

Here are 5 reasons why Junubin men can’t help it but marry wife #2 whenever they visit Juba (according to Diaspora men’s words):

The moment we (Diaspora Junubin men) arrived Juba, family & friends welcome us so warmly and they treat us like we have never been treated in the Diaspora. The amount of love they poured on us is overwhelming and as a courtesy, we return love in kind, sometimes we inadvertently ending up giving it back double.

Reason #2
The kind of respect local Junubiat women give us is out of this world. I mean, compared to Diaspora women who never talk to us unless they wanted to give us some orders, local Junubiat women listen to us , they obey us, they don’t stir us in the eye like Diaspora women do, and most importantly they only talk when we want them to talk. We love the fact that they aren’t looking to be treated as “equal” but to be loved and respected.

It’s in our DNA as men to desire having sex with multiple women and Juba just makes it easier for us, not difficult as Diaspora often does. Juba offers us the opportunity in a golden plate upon arrival and we take it! Why not when every man we see in Juba is having sex with multiple women, why should we be any different? As the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as Romans do”.

Life in Juba is so different than it is in the Diaspora (e.g. the weather is super hot, electricity is scarce and there’s nothing much to do after 9 pm) You can’t just sit around reading a book after 7pm because it’s pitch black after dusk. So, you look for something fun to do and guess what? It’s not only the weather that’s hot in Juba—-women are even hotter! They’re beautiful and respectful. They make you feel right at home.

Only if the Diaspora women would have treated us nicely back in the Diaspora, maybe we wouldn’t think of cheating on them when we come to Juba. Diaspora women treat us like junk in the Diaspora and then they get shocked when a Juba woman jumps in and starts to treat us nicely here in Juba, often doing to us all the things Diaspora woman couldn’t do.

When a Diaspora woman yells at her man, gives her man orders as if he were her boy, deny him sex even when it’s raining outside and super cold, you think Diaspora man doesn’t remember all that misery? Well, he does!

** Disclaimer: Not all Diaspora women fit the description mentioned above, some Diaspora women are the best in the world.


Via Deng Freeman