Over 40 passengers were on Wednesday arrested by Narok County health officials in Kenya after allegedly relieving themselves in bushes along the Highway.

The passengers were on-board a bus traveling from Nairobi to Kisii when the driver stopped at Katakala area near Ololulung’a where some of them defecated.

A health official pounced on them and impounded the bus before commandeering it to Narok Police Station where the passengers were charged with indecent behaviour.

Narok Public Health Director Daniel Sironka, condemned the act saying that members of the public had made several complaints about the menace and that such kind of behaviour contributed to the spread of diseases and led to environmental pollution.

He further added that it was unlawful for people to urinate in public, explaining that the only stops allowed for the buses were Suswa, Ntulele and Narok town.

“This should serve as a warning to all other PSV owners and users. No vehicle passing using Narok-Mai Mahiu-Bomet highway will be allowed to stop for passengers to defecate along the road,” he said

Mr Sironka expressed that the County would work on a permanent solution to the problem as it was involved in a campaign against environmental contamination by open urination and defecation.

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