President Kiir Mayardit has been advocating for peace and physical infrastructure development throughout his leadership. He has been encouraging political leaders to foster development as a mechanism to eradicate poverty, unemployment, and illiteracy.

Various government institutions and private companies have taken the lead and some projects are near completion while others have commenced. Detailed research shows that mega constructions projects in South Sudan will help boost the growth of the country’s construction industry and economy.

The following are four mega construction projects that were commissioned under the guidance of President Kiir Mayardit which will be instrumental in boosting the country’s economic outlook.

1. NilePet Building

Nilepet is a state-own oil and gas company which is specialized in Engineering, construction, procurement, maintenance, and building sustainable energy in South Sudan.

Nilepet Headquarters Building was initiated by current Managing Director Dr. Chol Deng Thon two years ago, however, the project became redundant when he was relinquished from his position as a Managing Director. Dr. Chol who has been reappointed by President Kiir, has geared up to finish the construction by end of July 2022. Dr. Chol has been described by many as a hardworking, intelligent, technocrat, committed, and patriotic leader.

2. Juba-Bor-Malakal Road by ARC

Despised the witch hunt and sanctions imposed on ARC, the company has remained the most outstanding road construction company in South Sudan. Offering world-class road constructions, job opportunities to the youth of South Sudan, and fast road network connection linking Juba-Bor and Malakal. Citizens along Juba-Bor road have enjoyed security, peace, and trade due to the efficient road network. The project is under the supervision of Hon. Simon Mijok Mijak, the minister of road and bridges.
President Kiir Mayardit encourages the ministry to launch various road networks, for the free movement of goods and people.

3. Central Bank Headquarters.

The Bank of South Sudan is a technical institution that promotes financial stability, formulating monetary policy to maintain price stability and implementation of foreign exchange policies.
The Bank of South Sudan has launched construction of its headquarters that will take 24 months to complete the construction. Netizens embrace Governor Dier Tong, the caretaker of the Bank for establishing stability in the market.

Dier Tong is known by many as expertise and someone who doesn’t tolerate corruption. The vision of the Bank is to create a financial district/ Centre by building a state of Art Headquarters that will encourage MDs of regulated Financial Institutions to put up their quarters within its surroundings.

4. ATM Building by Ministry of Transport

The construction of the Air Traffic Management building was initiated by H.E president Kiir Mayardit, under the supervision of Hon. Madut Biar Yel, The minister of Transport. The project is likely to be completed before the end of 2022. The building will help accommodate the civil Aviation Staffs, the Ministry, and Air Traffic Control.