The Economic Crisis Management Committee has revealed that $3.1 million is missing in the Directorate of Nationalities Passport and Immigration.

This is a result of the investigation by the sub-cluster committee led by the deputy head of the committee, Onyoti Adigo.

This week, President Salva Kiir set up a committee tasked with managing the current economic crisis in the country after the fall in oil prices and the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic have left the country’s economy on its knees.

Headed by the vice president for economics cluster, James Wani Igga, the economic crisis committee comprises of ministers of finance, trade, and industry, petroleum, and mining.

Abraham Kuol,  the Secretary of the Economic Crisis Committee says the heads of some of the departments implicated in the missing funds have been summoned to explain the whereabouts of the money.

“In the presentation which was presented by sub-economic cluster which was dealing with this institution that has done a preliminary investigation, there is something that has to do with the missing of 3.1 million USD which has not been accounted for and it has been used by the department of immigration without the approval of appropriate authority such as the ministry of finance and planning and the national revenue authority,” Abraham Kuol told the state-owned SSBC TV on Friday.

In its first meeting on Thursday, the committee had recommended the suspension of the Director-General of Customs Service, Major General Ayii Akol.

It also said tax exemptions on imports will be reviewed.

Via Eye Radio