A 28-year-old Ugandan singer known by the stage name Guvnor has made headlines in the country and on social media for going public with a planned wedding to an elderly white woman who is said to be 40 years older than him.

In spite of the daily tongue lashing that he has been getting from the public, Guvnor – real name Ronald Semawere – is unfazed by all the criticism for his relationship with the lady he calls ‘baby’.

The Leone Island singer born, surprised many when he posted photos of his soon-to-be wife on social media.

“Planning a wedding with Mona Lisa, already done with the introduction ceremony,” he said.

Whereas Guvnor says it is real love, many believe he is after the old woman’s fortunes. And if we are to go by that claim, then he is closer to the fortunes.


Early this week, the couple were spotted at the High Court Registrar’s office putting final touches to their wedding plans.

But as many people blame Jose Chameleone, whose first wife, Dorotia, a white who was years older than him, for failing to guide Guvnor, others have branded Guvnor a lazy person who doesn’t want to work.

But those who know the upcoming singer refute the allegations, saying the musician is passionate about working.

It is said that Guvnor lost both parents by the age of 9 and was taken in by his grannies.

Later he moved out and started selling clothes at Owino Market in Kampala. Unfortunately, he has suffered heavy losses in the fires that have been gutting the market in the past three years.

It is from here that the 25 year old hustled and managed to find himself in Leone Island where it is said he met the 68 year white lady of Swedish origin.

via Nairobi News