Amac Don ridiculed bcoz of his new hair style

Dexxx- 03/31/2018

Australia base South Sudanese singer,Amac Don has become a subject of ridicule on social media after his close friend uploaded an embrassing picture of the ... Read More

20 possible Junubin who are likely to become the next South Sudan President 

Dexxx- 03/29/2018

A controversial Anonymous social media account, Deng Freeman has named his list of the possible South Sudanese who are likely to be the next president ... Read More

IGAD to release Riek Machar from house arrest if he agrees not to travel anywhere near South Sudan

Achan Tonny- 03/26/2018

The IGAD Council of Ministers has decided to release South Sudan’s exiled rebel leader Riek Machar from house arrest soon once he agrees to denounce ... Read More

Taban Deng Gai fires his alleged Ugandan office secretary

Dexxx- 03/26/2018

We have just learned that Vice President Taban Deng Gai has listened to the voice of South Sudanese Netizens and has fired the Ugandan lady, ... Read More

You can’t be leaders. learn from us first, Makuei Lueth tells youth

Dexxx- 03/26/2018

A youth leader, Justine Woje, is calling on elders to hand over power to the youth since they have been unable to move the country ... Read More

Pope Francis expresses readiness to visit to South Sudan for peace

Achan Tonny- 03/26/2018

Pope Francis has expressed readiness to come to the country to intervene in the conflict, according to the South Sudan Council of Churches. This comes ... Read More

Presidential Aspirant, Suzanne Jambo wins Mandela Prize for peace

Dexxx- 03/26/2018

A south Sudanese female activist turned politician has been honored and received a price for her work in advocating for women rights. Suzzane Jambo, the ... Read More

People using Facebook are ‘dumb f*cks,’ says Mark Zuckerberg

Achan Tonny- 03/26/2018

  A private conversation between Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg and close friend has been leaked and Mark isn't talking nice about Facebook users. The exchange ... Read More

Top 30 most liked Facebook pages in South Sudan (2018)

Masura- 03/26/2018

We bring you the annual list of top 30 most liked Facebook pages in South Sudan. This is an update to our earlier article. More ... Read More

Rapper Hotdogg to launch an entertainment management company

Jamal- 03/26/2018

News reaching our desk alleges that Rapper Hotdogg has registered an entertainment company which will manage musician and events. The rapper, currently in Cairo is putting ... Read More

Gordan Buay appointed to head South Sudan embassy in US

Achan Tonny- 03/24/2018

South Sudanese government has deployed Gordon Buay as charge de affairs to Washington after recalling the head of the mission for consultation. The government, in ... Read More

Abductors demand 500 Dollars ransom to release person, says police

Achan Tonny- 03/23/2018

There is abduction of people by an unknown group in Pageri County, who demanded a ransom of five hundred US Dollars ransom to release a ... Read More

Bride run out of church after discovering that the man don’t work in an oil company

Achan Tonny- 03/23/2018

Photos of a bride in her wedding gown who was spotted running has gone viral. According to a Facebook user who shared the very amusing ... Read More

VP Taban Deng Gai appoints Ugandan lady as office secretary

Achan Tonny- 03/23/2018

In 2005 immediately after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) which ended decades-long struggle of the Southern Sudanese people, the then Government of ... Read More

Soldier opens fire, killing 19-year-old girl at birthday party in Juba

Achan Tonny- 03/22/2018

The father of the girl who was killed at a birthday party in Juba last Saturday is seeking justice for his daughter. That evening, a ... Read More