About 186 South Sudanese nationals are currently under detention in Australia and face deportation to their country at any time for immigration violations, a South Sudanese community leader said.

Under section 200 of the Migration Act, a non-citizen may be deported from Australia if he or she has been convicted of certain crimes. This criminal deportation power can only apply to a non-citizen who has been in Australia as permanent resident for less than 10 years.

Kot Monoah, chairperson of the South Sudanese community in Bictoria, told Radio Tamazuj today that the 186 South Sudanese are facing deportation for committing crimes across Australia.

“They were tried and found guilty. Their visas will be cancelled first before they do their appeal,” he said.

“They are people who have fought and injured other people or involved in armed robberies. They face deportation but it is a process,” he added.

The community leader pointed out that the government of Australia will talk to the government of South Sudan before the deportation process is implemented.

via Radio Tamazuj