South Sudanese bad girl, Lady Kola has fired shots aimed at Silver X and Mary Boyoi.

She took to social to defend John Frog whom Silver X has thrown shades at on a social media post.

Kola claims that Silver has no right to say that he is a music legend and should respect the new bloods in the music industry.

“First of all I don’t respect any one who calls themselves legend in this industry because they did nothing and still doing nothing period,” she posted.

She further questions Silver X for attacking John Frog, alleging that a musician who is surviving off a sugar momma shouldn’t attack any one struggling on his own.

“Ain’t you ashamed of attacking John Frog Ta South Sudan at list him he as a hit song playing all over Africa which isn’t a sugar mommy kinda effort,” she added.

Silver X had in a long post questions the relationship between K2 and John Frog and he has also in the past question John Frog talent.

We reach out to Silver X for comment but our effort were futile.