Some 17 South Sudanese immigrants said they have stranded and risk being sold as slaves in Libya, calling on the United Nations to solve their problem.

Koryom Paul Ruot, one of the South Sudanese immigrants in Libya, told Radio Tamazuj today they are living in bad conditions in Tripoli. He pointed out that they were detained by Libyan militias for two weeks before escaping from detention centers in August last year.

“We were arrested by a militia group called Jamat al-Wajib, and we spent 14 days with them but we escaped. They demanded a ransom of $3,000 but were managed to escape,” Koryom said.

Koryom pointed out that they fled from South Sudan due to political reasons. He called on the United Nations to solve their problem in Lybia.

Disturbing video clips shared widely on social media recently revealed the ordeal of Sudanese immigrants abducted and tortured for ransom in Libya.

As one clip plays, viewers can hear the slap of the whip, the whimpering as each Sudanese man is forced to turn his head to the camera and beg his family members to send money.