A 14-year-old boy accidentally killed his agemate on Friday morning while playing with an AK-47 rifle inside a relative’s house in Mingkaman of Awerial County in Lakes State.

Speaking to the media, the police chief inspector in Mingkaman Bol Tier said Adut Machiek Adut shot Matok Ayol to death.

“The small boys are relatives and were playing with a gun at the house of their brother in Mingkaman. They were playing with the gun after their elder brother who owned the gun had left for Butagok Friday morning. This is where the two little boys played with the gun and later on one killed the other by releasing a bullet,” Tier explained.

He pointed out that after the incident, the police went to the crime scene, confiscated the gun, and arrested the boy who committed the crime for investigations.

“We are told that their elder brother who possessed this gun in the house had left in the morning before the incident took place to Butagok Payam. When he comes back then we will know who owns the gun. Right now we are searching for him,” said Tier.

The police official said the alleged owner of the gun was a soldier but has since been repairing boreholes in Awerial Country.

Source: Radio Tamazuj