Reliable reports reaching a satirical website, Saakam suggest that the deposed former President of Sudan, who is an indicted war criminal and pursued by the International Court, has been secretly flown to Juba, South Sudan.

The military junta who earlier had toppled him  told the nation that former President Bashir has been moved to Kobar prison, the notorious high security detention center in Khartoum that Bashir himself used to incarcerate many opposition figures.

It was believed that his life could be in danger when some of the prison guards were found conspiring to “look after” and “take care” el Bashir in Kobar prison.

According to Saakam, they are trying to locate his whereabouts in Juba. It is not yet clear whether he is under house arrest or residing at the infamous blue house, the security detention center in Juba, or in another location.

The reliable rumours are strengthened due to lack of any photographic evidence that Bashir is being housed in Kobar.

When reached for comment the spokesman of the Office of the President Ateny Wek Ateny denied any knowledge of this report and dubbed it “fake news”.

However, some people have speculated that Former President Bashir may be housed in a newly constructed house in Lobonok, where Vice President Wani Igga hails from. Local residents have reported increased external activity and high security at the official summer house of Wani Igga in the past few days.

If shown to be true this would be a significant move by the South Sudanese government. Bashir has overseen a brutal regime that killed thousands of South Sudanese and displaced millions. It is not clear why the government would be hell bent on extending such a gesture to an indicted war criminal, almost eight years after separating.

It is worth mentioning that the president of Uganda Yoweri Museveni had officially expressed his readiness to offer deposed president el Bashir asylum in his country. It is also not clear whether this transfer to Juba is a temporary stop-over on el-Bashir’s way to Uganda.

Originally posted on Saakam