Dr. Carol Berger, an Anthropologist from the University of that has received criticism after publishing a paper titled ‘Ethnocide as a tool of state-building: South Sudan and the never-ending war’. The paper presents an argument about ‘ambitions of dominance by the Dinka
According to Carol, the paper documents the strategy of the Dinka-led government of South Sudan to achieve dominance over the state’s instruments of power and claim the land of non-Dinka peoples. The findings are the outcome of extended ethnographic fieldwork in war-affected regions of South Sudan. This strategy, years in the making, began with the destabilization of regions bordering traditional Dinka lands and was followed by the forced displacement of non-Dinka populations. As the title states, “ethnocide” has been employed as a tool of state-building.

The paper received criticism from netizens.

“When tribal Godzillas are less informed, misinformed, uninformed or refuse, in totality, to be informed of what exactly happens, what’s happening, what has been happening in this country, they, of course, stand up to refute irrefutable facts.

In other words, Dr. Carol Berger is saying that cows must give birth to produce milk. The quicker the tribe come to terms with these important facts, the better for everyone,” concerned South Sudanese citizen wrote on social media.

Another Junubi on social media wrote: The Dr. Carol Berger’s “Ethnocide as a tool of state-building: South Sudan and the never-ending war” seventy three page is a trash that must be torn and thrown into a dustbin without second thought.

Dr Carol Berger, a Canadian former journalist wannabe Anthropologist of #SouthSudan, has produced some garbage she called ‘’Ethnocide as Tool for State-building,’’ nothing more than hate speech against “the Dinka.” I am waiting to see who publishes this as academic paper, damn!!,” Jok Mading posted on social media

“Carol Berger drafted 74 pages worth of #SouthSudan gossip, rumours and innuendo as “ethnographic fieldwork”. Her work is nothing but just hate speech against Dinka,” South Sudanese wrote on twitter.

Read Dr. Carol Berger’s paper here

Dr Carol Berger holds a DPhil (Anthropology) from the University of Oxford and is a Commonwealth Scholar. She is an independent researcher who has spent years in South Sudan, beginning from 2006, completing doctoral fieldwork, and later working as a researcher/analyst for the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).