There are ladies who are complaining of not finding the “right one” & might have forget to ask herself is she is the right one(wife material) and thought  There are many different definitions of “marriage material” .

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be a good catch, especially when you want a man to be one.

If you’re looking for a man with a good job, great listening skills, and a beautiful body, it doesn’t hurt to make sure you fit some of those requirements yourself.

there will also be individual tastes for each man. Contrary to popular belief men are not monolith nor are we these predictable stereotypes that some women create to make themselves feel better about the fact that no one is interested in putting a ring on their finger.

Hence check out this 10 ways

1. Dress the Part

We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we all do. If you stumble across the right business executive and you’re wearing a spandex shirt, chances are the relationship won’t make it down the aisle. First impressions stick and he may peg you as jump off material from…jump. Dress everyday like the man you want to meet and you’re more likely to find him.

2. Be a Bread Winner

You’re looking for a man with a certain number of zeros on his check, right? Now set a similar goal for yourself. Go back to school, position yourself for a promotion or whatever you need to do to get the wheels in motion. The next time you meet a man that satisfies your financial requirements, he’ll see you as an asset not a liability.

3. Improve Your Cooking Game

“The Sure to a man heart is though his stomach”; It’s old school advice, but it still applies. Think about it: when you meet a man who can throw down in the kitchen, he seems that much more attractive. And if you want to find and keep the man of your dreams, a little kitchen know-how never hurt.

4.Shut Down the Marriage Talk

At least for now. A man who’s marriage material has met a lot of thirsty women. Announce “I want to be married and pregnant by 2016″ before the entree and you won’t make it to dessert.

5. Hit The Gym

It sounds like superficial advice — but most of us are at least a little superficial. If you want a man who looks good on your arm, what’s wrong with making sure you’re eye candy? Plus, when you have a body you love, you’ll have the confidence to pursue the man (or job or opportunity) you feel you deserve.

6.Invest In Your Existing Relationships

Marriage is just one type of long-term relationships. Work on building and growing your personal relationships. When you find the right partner, you’ll have strengthened the tools you need to keep your relationship strong.

7.Focus On The Positive

You have a lot of good things going for you. Focus on them. People are attracted to positivity. And if you feel like you’re good enough to deserve the best, it will come knocking.

8. Work On Your Communication Skills

You want a man who’s open and honest about his wants and needs, so you’ve got to follow suit. Couples who can communicate have the best chance of surviving life beyond the aisle.

9.Slow It Down

If you met a man who hit the club three times a week, you wouldn’t want to wife him either.

10.Stop Focusing on the Ring

When you work on being happy with you, you feel less like you need a marriage to make you happy. And nine times out of ten that’s when you stumble upon the right man.