The penis is the one body part that men value most. It is tied with their ego. If a man thus takes care of his penis, he is caring for his very well being.

And he will also be caring for the woman in his life. She will be grateful not to have to deal with a smelly penis and scrotum during foreplay. Here’s how to care for your penis;

1. Hygiene for the uncircumcised man – Most men will wash the top skin when having a bath. A lot of men, especially those who still have their foreskins forget to wash the area underneath it. If you have a fore skin, you should pull it back gently and wash the area underneath it with warm water. If you fail to do this, an unpleasant smelling substance known as smegma collects underneath. It is a breeding ground for bacteria.

2. Why you should shave – The average man will see the shaving or waxing of his pubic hair as unnecessary and feminine. Truth is that while it may be expensive and a little painful if you choose to go the waxing way, keeping your genital area smooth does have numerous benefits. Not only is it erotic for most women, shaving your pubic hair goes a long in maintaining good hygiene in your nether regions and keeping them dry. The good news is that you can do it together as a couple as a form of fore play.

3. Check your weight – Being obese will be a big blow to your manhood as it lowers the level of the hormone testosterone which is in charge of arousal in the body. Having a pot belly shouldn’t be something to be proud about. The belly fat kills your manhood by clogging up the arteries that lead blood to the penis so that you can sustain an erection.

4. On hand washing – You should get into the habit of washing your penis not only after going to the toilet but also before. Wash your hands any time before you touch your penis. This is especially so if you have been handling chemicals. Also pay attention if you have been in contact with substances that can cause you skin irritation like pepper.

5. Self-examine regularly – Just as women are advised to self-examine themselves for breast cancer, men should get in the habit of checking their genitals for any lumps and also for signs of STD’s. Examine also your semen to note any changes in appearance or the presence of blood

6. Avoid injuries – To serve you better, your penis will require tender loving care from you. Avoid situations that might lead to penile trauma. This could be rough sex or masturbation without lubrication. Also make sure you do not wear underwear that is too tight. Going without underwear might also expose the penis to harmful friction.

7. About the soaps and shower gels – True, good hygiene of the genitalia is important. You however shouldn’t go overboard with the washing and scrubbing. Remember that the penile skin is overly sensitive. Excessive use of soaps will leave the area sore which is not only a downer to your sex life but also a magnet for infections. Thoroughly washing twice daily with warm water should do.

8. Drink up – Get in the habit of drinking at least eight glasses of clean water. Other than keeping you hydrated, water will flush toxins out of your body allowing perfect blood flow following sexual stimulation. Your woman will thank you for it. Alcohol when overdone on the other hand will have the opposite results.

9. Sleep as much as you can – This is good for your overall health but especially good for your penile health. Every time you are in deep sleep, your penis will have erections. These are important because they help retain its shape and also recharge it with oxygenated blood.

10. Stick to one woman – Having more than one sexual partner will kill your sexual stamina. This is mostly because of the emotional guilt that comes with cheating. Being a one woman man will also steer you clear from STD’s.