Whether you are a Twitter newbie or seasoned user, what you want is a curated listing of modest human beings to follow. From politicians to celebrities, we advise 10 great ‘tweethearts’ to follow on Twitter. These tweets were able to draw a big Twitter audience with their innovative, humorous and adorable tweets, they really tweet for every person to enjoy. Many of these people have innovative and distinct critiques, if you need to recognize what is taking place in South Sudan, you may get the whole lot from their twitter feeds, from state-of-the-art political information to latest happening in South Sudan to valuable information to Junubin, that’s why they are worth following.

We compiled this list based on these criteria; active participation, number of followers and social authority – how they optimize and engage their Twitter audience.

In no particular order, we present to you a list of 10 best South Sudanese to follow on Twitter;

  1. Asara Bullen Panchol
  2. Dekuek
  3. Maal Maker Thiong
  4. Julius Bintu
  5. Sisi Majok
  6. Ayuel Chan
  7. Winnie Cirino
  8. Sam Lukudu
  9. Bullen Chol
  10. Jok Madut Jok