Young tycoon, Lual Malong donates over $10 million

Lual Malong

South Sudanese Young Tycoon aka Lawrence Lual Malong has made another big donation to a church. The young tycoon shocked his Facebook friends and followers with a live video where he is laying on bed on an amount he said to be $1 million.

This came after he donated 10 million US dollars to both Kenya and South Sudan red cross. Young Tycoon put it that he is so rich and donates to whoever he want and that the community needs to recognize this service he is offering. The Nairobi West church is set to receive the cash earlier next week as claimed by the donor.

However Young Tycoon didn’t just make a live video to awdare the public of the donation he is making but also to flaunt his wealth to whoever who doesn’t believe he is filthy rich. He said,”I have so much money that I can bury myself with it,” He continued bragging saying he is even richer than Salva Kiir and his stepdad General Paul Malong combined.

watch the video.

Young Tycoon aka Young Billionaire, Lawrence Lual just donated to South Sudan Red Cross $5 million and $1 million to a church.

Posted by Hot in Juba on Sunday, July 30, 2017