Yasir Arman daughter claims Nuer and Azande were known gays in history

Sanna Arman

In the wake of the homosexuality debate on South Sudanese social media this past week, daughter of Sudanese rebel leader Yasir Arman, has now claimed that it is in the history books that Nuer and Azande people of South Sudan were known to have gays among themselves hence people who say that homosexuality is not a South Sudanese ‘thing’ are not saying the truth.

When asked by Hot in Juba to avail the reference in any history book where its written that Nuer and Azande were gays she declined to elaborate further and instead asked our editors to seek help from google.

Sanna Yasir Arman made this claim in her respond to a story published by Hot in Juba about first South Sudanese open gay Mach Nhiany.

Take a look below (please download image to know see full image).

Sanna Arman

Sanna Arman

  • johnpuok

    plse these two tribe were for resistance of colonization in sudan history, all cultures of south sudan have no such culture,reprent from such hatre comment

  • Ayii Abdelbagi Akol

    This shows that the bible is being fulfilled. Mankind has no heart. In the last days men will be lovers of themselves and the things of the world..!

  • I’m surprised to hear that, historically Zande & Nuer were the the two tribe for resistance of colonization in Sudan history not real the gay culture. we used to hear of Arabs are the one who can fuck his fellow man. please daughter of Yasir kindly go next round and carry your research once again otherwise your article is untrue and unfounded in the culture of a zande & Nuer.

  • these two tribes are very strong in africa.their cultures are not the same with other tribes accept isreal.

  • john

    Always be careful before you start point at things that you know nothing about it

    instead your creating enemy for your self from the biggest tribe of South Sudan

    if some one have brainwash you to talk about things that you don’t know please be very careful next time

    if you want to be famous like your father take another direction not Nuer and Zande

  • Otiti Cosmas Joseph Lukudu

    False article with no reference books of history to prove you right that you are saying the truth clearly shows that your an enemy to these two tribes and the country as a whole, dig deep before you get convinced of your research!

  • My dear you have touched a sleeping tiger by its tail

  • Paul Tombura

    What the so called Yasir Arman Daughter prostitution have nothing to do with us

    • Diu Donne Zambalanga

      If I knew where u r I’d make it my life’s struggle to rape u and finally behead u just the way ISIS does for insulting my tribe. Be careful!!

  • Delton

    U r idiot fuck u n ur father,who told u nuer n zande they have z culture fuck u prestitut (ler) like ur mum stupid family
    in south sudan we dont have z fucken culture like u arab,
    fuck u n ur fathere
    we will never allow z shit 2 happen in soth sudan,liel muor

    • Latkuoth Lual

      Big lie from prostitute Sana Armand. Please if you are a researcher you better to retest your data or triangulate your finding before you release the false judgment otherwise you are attacking our dignity. Threat and insecurity is on the door!

  • The article is superficial, there’s nothing proven it to entire world that these two communities in South Sudan practice gayism since creation. I thought you could singled out the person you know from these communities who were gays.
    If we tell bitter realities, I may say Arab are known for gayism in the history.

  • youam deng Atem

    Please try to respect your self otherwise you will get the consequences of what you are looking for we are not in the media only every where you go there is a southerner

  • yor jok

    it,s my pleasure to yasir Arman daughter in that case thanks for updating us but it was not true special nuer culture and dinka they both have the same culture.which is impossible for man to married anther man.may be he was force to do it.if it happen actually.

  • It is unfortunately to spread propaganda .yashir arman daughter behave like his father who will die in the bushes.if we go back to history nuer and zande never do that .nuer will not adapt this arab culture and white men. nuer will not adapt this till the end of the world

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