SSTV news anchor pregnant by government undersecretary

The Undersecretary in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Makur Matur Khoryiom has impregnated SSTV Arabic news anchor Keji Jaden, Hot in Juba has learned.

The beautiful TV journalist is a daughter to an MP.

We are told Keji’s father was so furious that he refused Makur’s request to wed the daughter or has anything to do with health ministry’s senior official.

Keji a journalist by profession, worked at Bol Mel’s owned Ebony TV before it collapsed in 2012 or 2011, (I can’t even recall when), she was later poached by SSTV as a news anchor and a program presenter.

  • It is a mere thing to everyone regardless of the position someone is holding. Why are you taking it far, let Makur do what he wants

    • Ayuen Akuot Atem

      really brother a love between a grown up peoples is a mature love which does need to politicized or tribalized

  • Hehehe…….it is hilarious I tell you. Love this.

  • 25% of course, Makur is just getting his on share.
    how many women went through that

  • Lil Khaki

    Love should not looks at our backgrounds or anything else,we’re human,we’re the same n we’re S.Sudanese lets marry!

  • K. Garba

    Well done Makurdit! But why you while nearly every big is playing around??

  • Golden

    And what’s wrong with that, he is also a human being and that’s a total interference of privacy.
    Wish him gud luck