Radio presenter Mc Jam, reporter brawl

Classic FM  presenter Mc Jam over the weekend fought Telegraph Newspaper Reporter Parach Mach at Savanna Bar & Restaurant.

Sources alleges that Mc Jam got pissed off after Parach called Mc Jam’s Girl Friend Nyaringo aka Chuchu a BITCH while a close friend to the reporter claims that Nyaring first called parach a bastard for reasons best know to her.

Mc Jam & his Girlfriend Nyaringo who were high as Fuck were escorted out by the management shortly after the fracas.

talk of #NiagoMoment


  • unlease the cat out of the bag for us to know why brothers fight Mr. Jam. Coz hot in Juba is anonymous from what I see

  • Yo i really liked and appreciates Mc_Jam for his hard work on classic FM 92.3 Thanks bro may God give you more voice in this world so that you show south sudanese who are illeterate how to present.