PHOTO: Popular South Sudanese musician busted with s3x doll by girlfriend in USA


Samantha; the controversial sex doll has been the talk on social media for the past two weeks and we just got a tip from an anonymous source that our own Junubi musician wasn’t just talking about it but he is ‘d*ck-deep’ into Samantha.

News reaching our desk from a source in The United States of America alleges that South Sudanese Singer, Ayiik Wen Aleer popularly known as D’Boy was busted by his longtime girlfriend with a $2,600 worth sex doll.
It’s said that Ayiik bought the doll, who he named ‘Achol’ after he had an argument with his lover over bedroom affairs.

“Ayiik and his girl had been having issues for months now, he was wasn’t kitty and Ayiiik needed to get his tool oiled or it could shrink or worst rust… so he opted to get this sex doll thing and unfortunately he was busted,” the source said.

we tried to contact the musician for comment but he declines to say a word saying that his sex life or doll is private.

Ayiik is popular among Junubin musician music lovers in America.

Ayiik Wen Aleer relax after good time with his ‘Achol’

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