Mar 082018

2017 to date seemed to be a saturation time forSouth Sudanese musician. we have seen fewer singles or videos coming from them and that has something to do with the current economic state in the country.

But few musicians are burning the midnight oil to make sure the still on the lime limelight and one of those few hardworking musicians is Ater moniker Cool B. He released his second video of 2018 in less than 2 months.

His latest music video, Party Turned Up, shot in Kenya is definitely going to be a club banger as its all about turning up when yall out with friends and sh** and the South Sudanese vixens in the video turn the sexy all the way up for the video to this track.

Award-winning Cool B went versatile this new music video, he didn’t leave out his East Africa fans as he sings in Luganda and some bits of Swahili.

Watch the video and TURN UP!!!


Jan 082018

A new music video by an upcoming artist, Lomerikason Bulda has caused a stir on social media. the video shot and directed by studio34 featured actress Ijur Agok aka Sco Honey.She is seen getting ‘too comfy’ with Lomerikasan, the son of LT Col. Enosa Gama the legendary musician, Lomerika and the founder of Lomerika Jazz Band.

Sources close to Lomerikasan alleges that Sco Honey is not in a relationship with the musician in the video.

“Sco is a friend to Lomerikasan and she was just a video vixen and nothing is happening between them,” the source said.

James Sekwat known to music fans as Lomerikason Bulda is the son of LT Col. Enosa Gama the legend Musician Lomerika and the founder of Lomerika Jazz Band.

Bulda, a music producer and a radio presenter at Eye Radio follow his father musical steps and he is making strides in the industry. He is a graduate of El Mashreq University in Khartoum, Sudan where he graduated in telecom engineering

Dec 182017
Yogo Man

Dancehall artist Yogo Man is a troubled man currently after his new video was banned from playing on government-owned TV station SSBC, besides his outstanding dancehall rap technique impressing many.

Managers to the TV station termed Yogo Man’s new video as being too raunchy and not fit to be displayed for viewing on the TV station since South Sudanese people are too conservative about their moral standards and hence do not promote display of western cultures on their screens.
This is not the first time such an incident has occurred. Some years back ago, viewers phoned a live music program on TV expressing their anger and complaining about the kind of music videos that were being played by the TV station. They argued that the music videos were not good for public viewing because girls in the videos were dancing in a compromising manner with half of their bodies exposed (naked).

The video which goes by the name “Tic Tac” produced by Willy Entertainment has received massive criticism for being so raunchy as well as a large following as some claim they see nothing wrong with the video as long as the dancers are not naked citing that the world is changing and some things are becoming a norm.
Twerking, which gained popularity in recent years is quickly being adopted as a dancing style in most music videos by many music artists in their music videos and has been seen as a way of getting many views and downloads. It has become a norm in the western countries and several other African countries to the extent of “twerk” competitions being held openly.

In Yogo’s video, beautiful girls are seen “twerking” off their “assets” while dressed in shorts and thus maybe the name “Tic Tac” with part of their thighs and legs as well as part of their stomach region exposed and thus the reason why it was banned for being raunchy.
Despite the music video being banned for viewing by SSBC, it is still available on YouTube and can be accessed using the following link.

South Sudan citizens have got moral values with a rich foundation and thus maybe a reason why they don’t allow raunchy and compromising videos to feature in their screens.

Watch the video here:

Oct 272017
Dynamq ft. Voice of South-Sudan

Dynamq is one artist who always grabs opportunities to do something good to better South Sudan music industry. After a successful concert dubbed ‘Peace Concert’  in Juba, he rallied a number of South Sudanese to featured on his remake of his ‘Yal Deh’ song.

He headlined the video along with great names in the industry like Kawaja Revolution, Silver X, WJ De King, Mr. Lengz, Stars Eagle, MT7 among others. The video also features Children out of Conflict.

watch the video:

Aug 252017
Jubek State students

The South Sudan National Examination Council says it plans to fully unify the management process of primary examination in the school year 2017/2018.

Speaking during the release of the South Sudan Certificate of Secondary Examination results for the school 2016/2017 in Juba today, the Secretary General of the National Examination Council Lul Ruei Dhol said when fully unified, the states will only be required to supply details of their candidates along with the examination fees while the rest of the stage of examination will be handled by the secretariat.

Dhol said in the school year 2016/2017, the secretariat partially unified the management process of the primary school examinations in the country by printing the question papers for all the states and issuance of certificates to 31, 000 successful candidates.

He said in the academic year 2016/2017, a total of 19, 487 candidates were registered for both primary and secondary examinations in which all the examinations commenced on 6th March 2017 and ended on 24th March 2017.

After all the scripts were transported to Juba right after the conduct of the examination they were stored for three months due to lack of funds. He said President Kiir personally intervened and asked the council of ministers to approve a supplementary budget to complete the rest of the stages.

Dhol noted that in the 2017/2018 school year the secretariat will only offer secondary examinations based on the South Sudan curriculum which is in compliance with the National Examination Council Resolution No. 6.

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Aug 222017
Emmanuel Kembe

South Sudanese music legend Emmanuel Kembe rocked South Sudanese community in Australia over the weekend with his songs that emphasize peace in the country.

In a video of the show seen by media, fans were dancing and screaming to Kembe’s songs like “celebrate’ which is a popular song among South Sudanese in the country and abroad.

Women, yelling, men dancing and those with smart phones were seen capturing the moment as Emmanuel Kembe performed in Melbourne on Friday.

Saturday was another fun day for the community of Perth where the legend has his last performance at Sillican Club, a famous hangout for Africans living in Australia.

Maluk Jameson who attended the Saturday show told the Juba Monitor in a Facebook chat that it was a blast and he wished the legend would stay longer in Australia.

“I heard some people say that it was fun in Melbourne to me it was a blast in Perth where I believe Kembe has more fans,” Maluk said.

Freeman Morgan, a Liberian living in Perth said that he heard a lot about the legend and was not disappointed by what he witnessed after Kembe appeared on stage.

“A lot of my friends from South Sudan told me a lot about Emmanuel Kembe, I heard his songs which are so great and when he jumped on stage, I was seeing a star, to be honest to me he is one of Africa’s stars,” said Freeman.

Bossmaan Sounds, the company that sponsored Emmanuel Kembe’s Australian events is also taking the “Amarula” hit maker Roberto to perform to the South Sudanese community in Australia next month.

Aug 222017
Emma 47 dead

A dozen of South Sudan got together a few months ago to shoot a music video in memory of slain musician, Emma 47 who was killed along Juba -Nimule road ambush by rebel loyal to the exiled rebel leader, Riek Machar.

The video featured his long time girlfriend, friends, and musicians. The likes of Queen Zee, MT7, Travy, Rover, Max Jay,Rasta Jimmy among others.

The emotional video was shot by FilmzPro.

Watch the video here:

Aug 042017

When we thought that ‘Original First Lady’ Mary Boyoi has got over her breakup with Dancehall artist, Embra Tor, she surprised her music fans when she released a new song dubbed ‘Wasa wasa’ which seems to be firing shots at his ex-lover.

The song is allegedly dedicated to Embra Tor whom she broke out with now for months. The song Wasa Wasa which literally means ‘ Move Move’ kept fans wondering if the song is a diss dedicated to Embra Tor and her kawaja babies’ father.

We contacted Mary Boyoi for comment on the matter, but she was not picking her calls.

Listen to the song here:

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May 112017
Lil Jay

South Sudan’s music group Coozos Clan are back with a new music video Mira Tai.The song is a boom!

The song is dedicated to the late member of Coozos Clan, Lil Jay who was killed last year in a road ambush in South Sudan.

The video is directed by Obrezzy.

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Apr 102017
Achol Daddy

“ Big Banana” singer Akech Dau known to music fans as Daddy Dizzy has hooked up with melodic Achol Marial on “Halawa” music video.

The two singers are dope and now that have they come together it’s more dopeness as they display raw emotion in the song, a tribute to the ones we love.

The official new song and video were shot in Australia and directed by George Drici Alpha media.

Enjoy the Dancehall sound feel of the music.

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