Meet first South Sudanese GAY!

Mach Nhiany

South Sudanese people are known for being extra conservative and opposing to many western cultural norms and values but one brother probably said ‘Im different’ and made a bold move to become gay.

Ladies and gentlemen Mach Nhiany is officially the first South Sudanese open gay! And wait! one thing…. Mach is the first South Sudanese male bleach.

The lad lives in USA and has a male white boyfriend or is a fiance meaning he is the one getting his shit banged.

On his Twitter, the dude seems happy about his status and even tweeted his engagement ring with this words: “My man put a ring on it”.

Mach Nhiany

Mach Nhiany


Mach and Boyfriend

Mach and Boyfriend

  • generaltok

    This guy has bring shame on us causes to south Sudan the answer is beheaded here on earth and hell in heaven with heavenly father if he is not going to repent from this sin Jesus have mercy on us

    • Liz

      Your mother and your family will bring shame to South Sudan stupid ass, why u guy are not talkin about what is going on South Sudan , your ass is the one who need to beheading first

  • gabby

    First to admit he is gay, and he’s not the first to bleach his skin, there are other South Sudanese men WGO bleach

  • Gabe Maguil

    I can see slavery still going on. We were talking white car to stop using black tires and forgot that a white is fucking our own bro.? Bulshit

  • Unbelievable a dinka man to be gay, we are always proud of our culture. I bet this weak cunt is from Bor and he deserve to be kill if he go to South Sudan.

    • Liz

      Fuck u too and your family and everyone who common all of you guy are gay, and low life Mather fucker

  • Philip Kasakya

    What the …………eyo mbwa ya kukyalo..someone know how they load yaka?

  • Fuck him. We ‘re proud of our culture. Shame on him.

    • Mandi

      I’m proud of my culture…where we accept people for who they are and don’t pass unnecessary judgment onto them. He’s done nothing to harm anyone, shut up and move along, he has NOTHING to be ashamed of!

  • Buzy King

    Huh! ahahahahaha……Dinka Gay Guy in USA! For God’s sake congratulation Mach Nhiany you are surely Mach Nhiany whichever meaning it is in your language!

  • Liz

    I wanna know who post this, the guy who post this is a heater who got nothing to do with his life, and his father Was the 1st gay in South Sudan, I will find out who ur stupid ass is wait, u need to start praying

    • Mandi

      The person who posted this is a pansy who will hide behind a computer screen & screen name.

  • Hoodz

    Let him come back to South Sudan I will execute ass up, fuckin punk ass motherfucker, fuck idiot, have you ever seen a male dog jumping on male dog. You’re stupid as fuck even dogs are more wiser then you. Keep word stay in USA for good.!

    • Mandi

      U won’t do shit computer thug, shut up n get a hobby 🙂

    • Deng Mawien Bol

      I absolutely sad to hear gay marriage with one of our citizen in USA.

  • it evil before Almighty God plz repent from this act south Sudanese

  • GGaa

    Oh My God, come and save us from this evil act

  • alicia

    How dare you guys be so judgemental’s not comman in the African society nor accepted but who are we to judge. He’s definitely not the first homosexual man there’s many undercover bothers sexually assaulting their male cousins etc thank god America.has allow some to be able to express who.they are and if any of u people claim to be Christian let God deal with him.Mach be you

  • Maria Clement

    If you all don’t have anything better to do… as if people aren’t dying back home… as if South Sudan doesn’t have a lot to do before it is a peaceful and prosperous… make it a habitable place for our children our women and men…our brothers and sisters.

    Instead you work on tearing the community apart some more by trying to humiliate your brother for things that are of no business to nobody but himself and who he chooses to share it with. Boycotting this dumb ass news site.

    And keep doing you Mach. Anyone that has time to WRITE a hate article has nothing to live for. Soulless, ambitionless, talentless toe scum.

    • Charles p

      You daughter of a BITCH,u gotta be a lesbian,n that Mach if oneday i got him i will shoot his ass with Ak47 according to the Law of Jewish…

  • Bowdobiboboso

    He should have post that, who give a bulshit we got a lot more damaging our brains back home . He proud to have a white cock , that ain’t cool nigga. I’m sure he not from Dinka

  • Mathiang Akoi Amok

    We the Dinka don’t do such bulshit, he must be from Equatoria

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  • bullshit….
    I hate this guy more
    better to die like dog,

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  • He is so hopeless,senseless,useless and meaningless dinka

  • Souja

    Fuck yuh…Fuck ur gay husband..
    don’t think of coming to cuz we get ur ass bomb…

  • Ajak

    I sometime feel sorry for those who come from the culture that i know/ taking part of it.
    I love my culture but also like others cultures.
    Did my culture breached individual thought? Is it a sin for only one among millions to tells how unique he/she in the community?
    If i can ask why are you defensive to the government who ripped of people resources/ a governments who doesn’t care vulnerable people, a government whose his/her people die in a broad daylight once corrected by citizens. The issue of Mac Nhiany has nothing to do with curruption, never kills citizens in a broad daylight, never rips people resouces at at all. Is that a big deal?
    F**koff. That’s his or whatever he calls himself decision

  • nya

    OK so all the haters got time to write something negative about a situation that has nothing to do with them how about let’s worry about all the young women who has been raped by grown men how about the war how about the kids who lost they life half you guys are useless and ain’t got no Man or Women shit he’s not paying nobody bills or he’s not keeping food from your mouth go Suck A DICK

  • Sandra Zein

    To be honest this should be the least of your worries. House holds are struggling to stay a live with lack of food and shelter due to poor government mainly and other factors. The campaign should really be to get a stable government first before writing dumb comments about society and social integration as there is none in South Sudan. The focus should be social integration for the benefit of economic rebuilding. The government is not for the people, the people need to be for themselves. Focus on something else(free market rather than public). this guy is in America living his life to the fullest if I may add the only shame is the tribal war going on.

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  • That’s great news S Sudanese must impose a law of burning people with such evil characters be warne LGBT community, S Sudan is not your paradise go & ask your parents hw u were born coming thru back door or front door

  • eric

    Why going against God law?

  • No No No…. he is not a South Sudanese. We given him for free to America. Mfker. People are just saying his right when they knew well that an ass is not to be fuck. There is different role for an ass other than being banged. So that mfker is dead man if he is to come to South Sudan because our constitution and cultural norms does not encourage such practice. Otherwise he has his right there in USA

  • Thomas Thiep Mayuen


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