LIST: IGAD's proposal for new Transitional Federal Government of South Sudan

LIST: IGAD’s proposal for new Transitional Federal Government of South Sudan

The East African regional bloc IGAD has proposed an expansion of the executive to allow South Sudan’s president appoint four deputies for inclusivity in government.

In a draft proposal for power-sharing, IGAD proposed that South Sudan’s cabinet should comprise of the president, the four vice presidents, and the ministers.

The president of South Sudan, according to the new proposal, shall serve as president and executive head of state for a transitional period that will be extended by 36 months preceded by 120 days of a pre-transitional period.

The regional bloc also proposed that the four vice presidents shall oversee the clusters of the Council of Ministers, and generally to supervise the implementation of the reforms outlined in the peace agreement.

take a look a look at the Compromised Proposal for New Transitional Federal Government of South Sudan (TFGSS)


1. H.E. Gen Salva Kiir, President of the Republic and Commander in Chief
2. HE. Dr. Riak Machar Teny, First Vice President
3. HE. Gen Thomas Cirilo, Vice President of the Republic
4. HE. Taban Deng Gai – Assistant to the President
5. Hon Madam Rebecca Garang.– Deputy Assistant to the President

6. Hon. Gen Clement Wani Konga- Deputy Assistant
7. Hon. Dr. Lam Akol – Deputy Assistant
8. Rt Hon. Dr. James Wani Igga – The Speaker of the Transition Parliament (The Right person in the right place, to bring back the strong parliament of post CPA 2005)
9. Rt.Hon Henry Odwar, First Deputy Speaker (Transitional Parliament)
10. Female Representative 2nd Deputy Speaker (Transitional Parliament)
11. Rt Hon Hon. Anthony Makana – Speaker of (Council of States)
12. Rt Hon. Paul Mayom Akec, 2nd Deputy Speaker
13. Female Representative, Deputy Speaker (Council of States)

14. Rt. Hon. Joseph Bol Chan
15. Hon. Daniel Awet
16. Hon. Angelina Teny
17. Hon Prof Ofundi (NAS)


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