Gay beaten and burnt to death in Gudele

Life in Gudele West for gays might not be the same after a gay was allegedly beaten and burned to death for being gay.

The gays community in the area are living in shadows and fear after Aquila David was beaten and burned to death by Charles Oscar for allegedly for being gay. 31-year-old Oscar claimed David had tried to perform oral sex on him. He admitted assaulting David but denied killing when he was arraigned in Juba High Court yesterday.

Many residence at Gudele have mix reaction toward homosexuality commonly called ‘Nyaw’ in Gudele.

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“One gay is too many” said anonymous source residing in Gudele when contacted by HIJ on his view on homosexuality

Deng Kur a residence in Gudele said ‘This homos I have no problem with them but its against God to sleep with a man like u”

Homosexuality in South Sudan is illegal and carries a penalty of up to ten years’ imprisonment.

Additional Info Via Juba Monitor

  • john

    what the hell gay or not nobody should
    get butn like that

  • Would you produce some videos for that acts?

  • the guy is not to be burn but he has to face ligal court

  • He is gay just immagine your brother
    Is faceing you is buring how is your feeling? Honestly brothers dont ever
    Burne people shout with gun is better idea.
    Thank you.

    • Champion King Lucky B

      we have to show the world that we are really African children and we can’t leave to turn us up side down, and has the youths of Republic of South Sudan we are going to hunted more gays which remain in South Sudan, we have a lot of girls to married or if u want to enjoy yourself you get one girl if u don’t know how to talk use money on her not using your brother we have hunted this gays down

  • Bona

    This is very bad to kill human being in this such way anyway RIP

    • Sammy

      to me all are wrong why kill n why homo

  • Dinääy

    Burning fellow human is a crime itself

  • Manyok Johnny Tong-Amoth

    Burning is the best way of killing criminals, it’s good to inflict pain on such people to let other criminals fear the situation and change.

  • Dav Vidal

    it not fair for us south sudan to accept anything, we have avoided other thing in our society

  • kenn papa

    Rip.let d rest learn from u.

  • parrot blue

    Where is humanity,is it allowed to kill a human like that?
    Shamed on people who allowed this,they belong in prison

  • Delast

    Why treat a fellow human beings like that. This is so wired to kill someone because of what they are, because of thier sexual orientation. God is watching all our acts.
    Am one proudly lesbian from South Sudan, I careless for those who wants to tell us what to be…so sick of the behivours of some unlow south Sudanese