Why Crazy Fox didn’t win an award at STA

Cray Fox

He’s a guy who believes in his talent, so does his fans too believe? Yes, they do. So what went wrong? As humans a time we do believe in supporting people who are so close to us even when we know someone else is better than them, it’s not that Crazy Fox lacks fans but it’s because the fans went in support of their cousins forgetting the real talent. I would say in the category he was nominated none beat him if it wasn’t due to

I would say in the category he was nominated none beat him if it wasn’t due to selfishness of votes. He’s not the type of a musician who goes around gathering votes from friends like what other artists always do and that is what led to him not taking any. Again the award was corrupt and bias at same time and the reason I am saying this, is because starting from the guest artist to the final artists who made it through.

If perhaps at all you look at the path/channel of the event as a supporter of South Sudan music you will notice something went wrong. I have always said and will always emphasis on it, that the CEO/the event organizers need to be transparent in how they conduct their occasion. What I meant by that is if it means the fans should be voting online then I urge the percentage of the number of voters per the artist should always be shown to beat off the doubters.

Something which has not been realized all this while. To make it short, there was corruption overnight, ridden by organizers themselves? Let’s be TRANSPARENT always.

By Juba Snoop

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