Ataui Deng posts picture of her VAGINA on Instagram

Ataui Deng

Our girl Ataui Deng in New York never ceases to give us something to talk about.

From mysteriously going missing for 10 days in New York to kiss girls (we have not confirmed yet if she is lesbian of not)

N now Ataui posts picture of her vagina on the Instagram. Now thats what we call FLEX’N ON INSTAGRAM!!

Feed your eyes with her vajayjay below:

Atau's vagina on IG

Ataui’s vagina on IG

  • Non so cosa dire
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  • Nicholas

    Dear Hot In Juba guys,
    Thank you for posting the vagina of Deng for us to see. We have seen and it looks nice. I therefore suggest that you get your plates, spoons, folks and start eating the vagina.

  • Mary Okech

    I believe the environment she is live in must be the factor, I don’t think she could attempted this in south sudan.its a shame to to her family and the culture of south sudaness as large.

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