16 including former chief administrator in Kiir office Mayen Wol sentenced to life in prison

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The High Court has sentenced to life in prison, the sixteen individuals convicted of playing a role in the loss of more than 14 million US dollars from the Office of the President.

details to follow …

  • Yak bol

    By the way sentence to life is not enough to those 16 theives

  • Daniel Dau Duot Diing

    that’s the first justice serve in the interest of the nation,these are those who had failed our nation,serving life imprisonment is soundful if it is a real.Mr President you began to show your shoulder but don’t offer any amnesty if you seek to gain trust from the victims of your

  • What about the 75? We’re they tried? The court should reverse it’s verdict against these 16 hinders who only threw stones at birds.

  • What monkey sees monkey does

  • What i know is that, the court is only for junior officers but will not include the executives.
    Ok, it’s good that the rule of law has started so the ring leaders to 2013 crisis will also be convicted